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About Go CNC and the Knudson EL-2002

With over 20 years of the original Knudson EL-2002 machines still out in the field and the demand for this machine still high, Go CNC has worked hard to bring it back to you with new and improved parts. The Knudson EL-2002 has been the gold standard in elbow machines and we take pride in continuing that tradition.

All parts of this machine are manufactured and assembled in Emmetsburg, Iowa. We purchased the patents and manufacturing rights from Knudson in June of 2021 and have been working to bring the Knudson EL-2002 back to market as quickly as possible. Like many businesses we ran into delays due to supply demands because of covid. We recently brought all manufacturing in house and added to our Go Gutters Seamless Gutter family. 

In order to bring back the Knudson EL-2002 we brought everything in-house, a Haas CNC lathe, Haas CNC Mill and 3d printers. We are a proud family owned and operated company in Emmetsburg, Iowa and plan to start shipping out both elbow machines and upgrade kits (3x4) very soon. Call 712-298-4781 to be added to the pre-order list.


Thanks for everyone's patience and if you have reached out to us in the past please do so again so we can get you taken care of. We can supply any part on this machine for older machines but there are a few updates with new shafts due to bearing sizes not being available anymore. Go CNC will be here to warranty any Knudson EL-2002 with a 1 year parts warranty under normal operating conditions and will be here to take care of all your needs in the future.

Go Gutters was founded in 2004, Go Foam It Pros 2020, and Go CNC 2023. Customers come first no matter what, That's the Go Company way.


Thank you to the Knudson family for bringing such a great product to market years ago and we will strive to uphold your standards and manufacture the best made elbow machine in the market.

Thanks again,

Bill Burdick


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